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Employment Law - European Works Councils

Abbiss Cadres has considerable experience advising and consulting on the establishment and operation of European Works Councils and related transnational information and consultation obligations.

We are able to help our clients providing expert assistance the whole way through the EWC establishment process from receipt of employee requests to the negotiation of an appropriate EWC Agreement with the special negotiating body.

Our advice takes into account the lessons learnt from providing day to day advice on information and consultation issues as they arise, often in difficult circumstances. Whether on major transnational merger and acquisitions; significant transnational headcount reductions or the adaptation of an EWC where there is significant structural change within the transnational undertaking, we have the experience to help our clients through a potentially difficult process.

We have for example, advised on the specific issue of adaptation in circumstances where a Group with an existing EWC is acquired by another helping our client agree revised adaptation provisions to adequately represent the interests of employees at a time of major transnational change.

Working with our International colleagues across the European Economic Area we help our clients understand the key connected national labour law issues whether it be local election processes, or ensuring timely and appropriate coordination of the transnational and national information and consultation processes.

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