For professional services firms

Professional services firms, including law, tax, accounting and consultancy firms, face ever-growing and often conflicting pressures to consolidate around core expertise and markets.

At the same time, they are seeking to meet client demands across a wide range of disciplines in order to protect relationships.

We created Corridor® to address these pressures.

Corridor is a bespoke service for professional service firms enabling them to access a comprehensive range of HR-facing legal, tax, consulting and communications expertise  – we act as your virtual colleagues to expand and support your practice in order to  help you help your clients.

We understand how important cash-flow is to all businesses and that there are occasions where you will need to acquire payments from your clients before committing to your own spend. Our Terms of Business are flexible and reflect this understanding. You can also choose for us to engage directly with your client, if this is your preference.

The way we work with you, and our level of visibility to your clients, is up to you. We can either be engaged by you and work as an extension of your team and have as little or as much client contact as suits you, or we can be engaged directly by your client.

If you retain us directly we will agree in our engagement letter which of our services you wish to offer to your clients. We will never accept direct engagements from your clients for our services or send any marketing material to them without your prior consent.

The key to Corridor is effective teamwork. We tailor our approach to you and your client. Our people have experience working with a wide variety of professional service firms, and are accustomed to working in multi-disciplinary and joint project teams.

Our aim is to enhance your client relationship. We ensure that you are always in the loop. If your preference is for us to work directly with your clients, we will ensure that you are kept involved and informed to whatever extent you and your clients wish.

In the Corridor we are your virtual colleagues and we act like it offering practical awareness training and support to your people across all of our practice areas without charging for it. In addition to awareness bulletins and training sessions for your staff we are very happy to chat over client issues with you, just like your colleagues would.

If it would help you can access our experts via a dedicated helpline to discuss any potential client matter without charge. Contact us and we will be happy to explain the details.

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What clients say

The smartest thing we did was adding you to the team.
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