Mediation & ADR

There are various ways to settle corporate disputes, litigation is one route, but parties
are advised to try and find alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods.

Taking legal action is something most companies would rather avoid. It’s costly, time
consuming and causes disruption to the business with unpredictable and limited

One of the most beneficial methods of ADR is mediation. When a dispute first arises,
mediation can be a highly effective tool in preventing the dispute from escalating
and perhaps preserving the employment relationship.

This method offers those involved more control over the resolution process with
more constructive solutions. Many advantages such as speed, convenience and
flexibility make mediation a welcomed alternative for many companies.

If you’re a professional services firm seeking to solve a client’s dispute issue and
require ADR support, our mediation specialists can help.

All our mediators are accredited by the Centre for Dispute Resolution and are
experienced in offering an alternative to litigation at any stage of a dispute.

Contact us today to discuss your client’s demands.

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