Global Mobility

Digitisation and other technological advances have done much to make borders less relevant. The world has never been as open for business. More than ever, organisations need to be able to mobilise their talent internationally to take advantage of the opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

Our unique suite of integrated services has been designed to support our clients with expanding their services in all areas of global mobility planning and implementation – whether your clients are expanding into new markets or sending new talent to an existing international location, we have helped businesses in over 70 countries around the world by working with our Correspondent Firm and Alliance members.

We can add a high-touch service to your offerings and bring your clients’ global mobility programme to life, or support them with accessing expertise as and when required to resource their exiting programme or deal with urgent “hot potato” issues as and when they arise.

No matter what gaps your service offering has, we can fill them and deliver them around you and your clients’ needs. See below for the full range of services you can employ as part of your offerings.

To view the full list of services for each section, please click on the relevant section to read more:

  • UK and international business immigration
    • A comprehensive UK business immigration service
    • Business immigration coordination around the world
    • Business immigration compliance audits
  • International Tax planning and compliance
    • Full tax advisory – efficient tax structuring of assignments
    • Assignment cost projections and net pay comparisons for employers
    • “Arrival” and “exit” briefings for your people to support them plan their tax affairs
    • Full employment tax services – tax return preparation, reporting of expenses and benefits
    • Specialist payroll services
    • Pre-arrival assignment briefings for assignees in countries of arrival and departure
    • Providing advice on withholding of taxes, shadow payrolls and modified PAYE schemes for employers
    • Application for social security certificates of coverage
    • Advising on the implementation and operation of tax equalisation policies
  • Employment
    • Full assignment contract documentation, local employment contracts
    • Cross-border trade protection and non-solicitation provisions
    • Changes to employment status, including termination
    • Expert advice on the laws applicable to assignees and expats in the UK, EU and internationally.
  • Assignment compensation and benefits
    • Benchmarking of assignment pay and allowances
    • Assessment and implementation of home or host-based compensation approaches for globally mobile employees
    • Assistance with pension planning choices, including advice on and applications for appropriate tax relief
    • Guidance on international long-term incentive plans and considerations for assignees and local transfers
  • Relocation and assignment consulting
    • Full coordination of executive relocation
    • Organisation of shipping, housing, vehicles, schools, and orientation services
    • Development of effective processes, systems, policies and supplier management tools,
    • International executive selection and assessment services, including training for managers
    • Talent management programme design and implementation
  • New territories
    • Bring your clients transparency on new markets
    • Feasibility studies and risk reporting
    • Tax advisory, including on permanent establishment status and risk management
    • Local country employment contracts and legal advice
    • Full incorporation services
    • Payroll and reporting set up and operations

International Reach

What clients say

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