Corporate Services

Our expertise in UK company law is an essential part of our offering. We offer a wide range of corporate services including:

  • Incorporation services
    Dovetailing with our tax services, we ensure the appropriate choice of corporate vehicle whether a limited company or limited liability partnership (LLP) or other appropriate structure.
  • Documenting ownership agreements
    Appropriately drafted ownership agreements and articles of association are essential to protect rights between members. Poor drafting may lead to unwarranted complexity, non-observance and tax difficulties.

    We help you ensure that ownership arrangements form a solid basis to the development of your business and avoid the tax risks which arise from ill-informed provisions.

  • Corporate governance
    Terms of employment and remuneration are governed by an ever-growing body of statutory and non-statutory regulation and transparency requirements in the UK.

    All companies need to be aware of the increasing demands and responsibilities placed on their directors and ensure that their governance regime, while compliant, is structured appropriately for its business needs. From terms of reference for Remuneration Committees to providing directors with training on their responsibilities, we can help you achieve a workable and compliant regime.

  • Transaction-related work
    Please see the employment, incentives and tax sections for more information. Please also see here for our integrated Services for Managing Change, reorganisation and restructuring.
  • Financial services and related compliance
    We advise on applicable financial services and other relevant provisions as part of our work with employee share schemes and arrangements involving employee loans (especially in relation to funding share purchases or global mobility taxation), to ensure you avoid the criminal and commercial pitfalls of non-compliance.

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