Dispute Resolution

While we can work with you on strategies to avoid them, change and the fast-paced nature of the modern business can sometimes give rise to disputes. How effectively you deal with them reflects on you as an organisation.

We offer a full range of dispute resolution services across our core disciplines.

Most importantly, we also offer expert mediation and alternative dispute resolution, accredited by the Centre for Dispute Resolution, offering an alternative to the downsides of litigation at any stage of a dispute.

  • Pensions
    • Pension Ombudsman disputes and appeals
    • Dealing with investigations/enquiries by the Pensions Regulator
    • Disputes and litigation between pension schemes and their members
  • Boardroom disputes
    • Negotiation of exit packages for directors
    • Tax-structuring compensation and other payments
    • The tax treatment of termination payments
    • The treatment of vested and unvested share-based incentives
    • Board or shareholder resolutions
    • Settlement agreements and associated documentation
  • Employment litigation
    • Employment tribunals and the higher courts
    • Unfair and wrongful dismissal
    • Equality Act claims regarding discrimination, harassment and victimisation
    • Equal pay claims
    • Bonus, commission and other incentive plan claims (including share plans)
    • See here for our SRA Price Transparency Wording.
  • Mediation and ADR
    The dispute process in the UK requires parties to explore alternative dispute resolutions. Mediation is an attractive solution offering the following benefits:

    • Cost-effective – quick to set up, inexpensive and avoids drawn-out court hearings.
    • Confidential – any agreement reached remains strictly between the parties involved.
    • Reputation management – helps manage reputational risk as the process is designed to reach a consensual agreement on how best to resolve the dispute.
    • Wide range of possible outcomes – whilst litigation generally only results in one outcome (monetary payment), through mediation it is possible to explore a wider range of possible outcomes which may be of great value to the parties involved.
    • Speed of resolution – rather than waiting for a court or tribunal date which may take many months or even years, mediation can be quickly arranged and offers a way of resolving disputes more efficiently.

    Find out more about our mediation law services.

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