Employment Tax Services

We deal with all aspects of the taxation of employment income and employment-related securities to help you make your arrangements as efficient as they can be.

We have specific expertise in advising with relation to the following areas:

  • Atypical workers
    We advise employers on associated tax risks and how to manage them.
  • Efficient pay and benefits
    We advise on salary sacrifice arrangements, flexible benefits schemes and other arrangements to help our clients offer benefits packages appropriate for their recruitment markets.
  • Employment-related securities
    We have been recognised by independent researchers, including chambers, as leading UK experts on all aspects of employee share schemes.
  • Mobile employees
    Please see our Global Mobility pages.
  • Pay-as-you-earn (“PAYE”)
    We provide full payroll and withholding compliance advice services.
  • Pensions
    We advise on the tax regime for private and occupational pensions in the UK as well as pension planning for international assignees.
  • Reporting and filing requirements
    We regularly help our clients through the minefield of ensuring that their annual PAYE and benefits in kind (including share plan) reporting is correct, complete and timely.
  • Share transactions
    Any transaction in shares has consequences for the person transferring the shares as well as the person acquiring them and, if different, the relevant employing company. Our tax expertise can help ensure our clients make the right choices to maximise the value they retain from such transactions, whether it be in terms of minimising income or capital gains taxes to maximising corporation tax reliefs available to companies.
  • Start ups
    Advice to help you choose the most tax efficient vehicle for your business. It is important to ensure that the tax considerations are put into perspective with the other pros and cons of considering the most appropriate vehicle. Above all, such a decision must be guided by your business plan if it is to best suit your ambitions.
  • Termination payments
    Maximising the net return to employees upon termination of employment can be key in order to ease what can be a difficult process or, from the employee’s viewpoint, maximise their benefits. We offer our clients a clear understanding of how to package termination arrangements and the associated documentation tax efficiently.

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Abbiss Cadres’ unique multi-disciplinary approach has enabled my team to ensure that we hit the ground running in the UK…
As an ambitious, fast growing business we needed to work with a partner who could support all our needs in…

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