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Employment Law - Disputes

How potentially contentious issues are handled in the early stages can create the space to avoid litigation altogether or, if litigation is inevitable, dramatically increase the chances of success.  Our years of experience in managing employment related disputes enable us to help clients put appropriate risk management strategies in place early in the process and work where possible to avoid serious conflict in the employer/employee relationship.

When disputes arise negotiating skills are key to achieving outcomes which exceed the relative bargaining positions of the parties.  Largely, those skills are learnt from experience honing otherwise sound judgement.  All our employment lawyers have that experience with years under their belts at the legal coalface settling high value disputes.

When litigation is necessary, we work with clients to build a strong case and achieve the best possible outcomes in line with their commercial objectives, whilst proactively managing costs.

We are experienced in managing the full range of employment claims, including unfair and constructive dismissal, wrongful dismissal, bonus and commission claims, equal pay and discrimination claims of all types.

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