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Smooth handling of HR issues in the period leading up to and immediately after a sale or transfer can significantly impact the success of a deal.  We advise vendors and purchasers, transferors and transferees on the entire process from employee due diligence and negotiation of warranties and indemnities, through to employee consultation under TUPE or where applicable individual or collective redundancy consultation.

Where a sale or transfer will result in a business reorganisation, including relocation, changes to terms and conditions or downsizing, we help our clients plan and implement processes that will minimise disruption and the risk of claims.  As appropriate, we advise on individual and collective communication and consultation, ETO reasons for terminations in TUPE scenarios, redundancy selection processes, the management of grievances and appeals, redundancy compensation packages and compromise agreements.

For transactions with a cross-border element Abbiss Cadres has working relationships with trusted employment lawyers around the world through our correspondent firms.  We also have considerable experience in managing the process of obtaining and integrating advice from multiple jurisdictions to develop a clear timeline for the requirements of consultation and the implementation of transaction related HR strategy.

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