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Employment Law - Atypical workers

Self-employed contractors, fixed term employees and agency temps form a significant part of the HR mix in many businesses, while the law in relation to flexible working means that an increasing  proportion of the permanent workforce are engaged on individually tailored arrangements including part-time, flexi-time, compressed work week and job sharing arrangements.

Where flexibility for the employer is the driver, we ensure that the terms of engagement satisfy this requirement whilst fully complying with the law.  Where atypical arrangements are driven by employee demands, we can advise on the relevant statutory procedures seeking a "win-win" solution wherever possible.

We have particular experience in the area of temporary agency workers, both from the perspective of the employment agency/employment business and the end user.  With further rights granted to agency workers under the Agency Worker Regulations 2010, we are well placed to help both employment agencies and end user organisations understand the implications and where necessary adjust their business models.

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