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Non-UK companies

We have a great deal of experience of working for non-UK based companies, particularly US companies, in the field of employee incentives in particular and compensation and benefits more generally.

We regularly assist such clients to roll out their incentive arrangements in the UK and, with our correspondent firms, more widely around the world.  For more details, please see our International section.

The experience of our fee earners who bring a multi-disciplinary approach and expertise to employee incentives means that we can manage costs effectively as well as making us independently recognised leaders in the field in the UK .

Areas where we have considerable experience include:

  • General feasibility and compliance advice and assistance
  • Preparing documentation to include desirable amendments or additions to existing incentive plans
  • Advising on appropriate tax effective incentive arrangements to mirror those in the "home" country
  • Advising on compliance with the EU Prospectus Directive and other relevant domestic financial services compliance obligations 
  • Help with understanding competitive UK industry practice and with settling client pay policy in the UK (we can also help our clients access the best competitive pay data in the UK)


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