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Corporate Services

Our expertise in UK corporate law is an essential part of our service offering. We offer a wide range of corporate services including:

Incorporation services

Dovetailing with our tax services we assist clients in choosing the appropriate corporate vehicle and with the incorporation of limited companies or LLPs.

Shareholders' agreements

Appropriately drafted shareholder agreements and articles of association can be essential to protect respective rights between shareholders. Inappropriately drafted agreements or agreements used when they are not justified can result in unwarranted complexity, non-observance and unforeseen tax difficulties.

We help our clients to ensure that their shareholding arrangements form a solid basis to the development of their business and avoid the tax risks which arise from ill-informed provisions.

LLP agreements

We help our clients achieve clarity in rights of management and ownership, and to record all other respective rights of LLP members as between each other in a properly drafted membership agreement. Failure to do so can result in the default provisions of the Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2000 taking effect which may be wholly inappropriate.

Corporate governance

Terms of employment and remuneration are governed by an ever growing body of statutory and non-statutory regulation and transparency requirements in the UK. From provisions contained in the Companies Act 2006 to institutional investor guidelines we advise public company clients and their Remuneration Committees on relevant obligations and expectations.

All companies need to be aware of the increasing demands and responsibilities placed on their directors and ensure that their governance regime, while compliant is structured appropriate to its business needs. From terms of reference for Remuneration Committees to providing training to directors on their responsibilities, we advise our clients on how to achieve a workable and compliant regime.

Transaction-related work

Please see the employment, incentives and tax sections for more information.

Financial services compliance

As part of our work with employee share schemes it is vital to understand the requirements of the Financial Services and Markets Act and other relevant provisions to avoid the criminal pitfalls of non-compliance.

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