We help you to make the most of your people and your programmes by ensuring that your messages are aligned to your organisation’s culture and goals – and are delivered in a way that is clear and meaningful.

Why Abbiss Cadres? Total communication

Our unique approach is twofold.

Firstly, our integrated HR services mean that our communications, and the strategies we create with you, take account of all relevant legal or tax requirements and risks to ensure a complete, compliant and effective communications programme.

Secondly, we advise you from the strategic development of your communication plan, to content development and delivery.

We are able to deliver our unique output in a range of media and channels, from artwork to digital film production, or, create tailored digital platforms from apps to websites or a social media presence.

Strategy Development

Strategy development ensures that your communication messages support your culture and brand, and provide clear line of sight between HR and corporate goals. read more

Content Development

We help you to make complex information simple, providing the right level of information to each audience without loss of detail or accuracy. read more


Delivering information in the right way is crucial to its impact. With the proliferation of digital and social media, as well as the changes to working patterns and increasing mobility, people are accustomed to accessing information when they want it, where they want it. read more

Communications Services