Abbiss Cadres Sets Up Pacira Pharmaceutical’s First International Subsidiary

As specialists in global mobility and employment law, our first step to helping Pacira Pharmaceutical’s first overseas subsidiary was to obtain a sponsorship licence for them. This allowed us to successfully navigate the business immigration processes to secure a visa for the first U.S. executive to move to England and begin working.

Pacria Pharmaceuticals
20 August 2008
Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals

Abbiss Cadres is an expert in global mobility, and we used our extensive knowledge to help Pacira plan and implement their global mobility policy, which included calculating cost of living and expatriate allowances for employees. We also offered practical assistance with familiarising U.S. executives with their new home in the UK, by organising visits prior to their move. This helped employees to get to know the UK and feel more comfortable with their international move.

Employment Tax for Pacira Pharmaceutical

Our employment tax specialists at Abbiss Cadres dealt with all the necessary tax and social security requirements needed for a UK subsidiary and its employees, including organising all UK tax registrations. We also organised home and host tax briefings and dealt with compliance and filings in both countries on an ongoing basis. Our employment tax services cover all aspects of the taxation of employment income, and with our assistance, Pacira was set up to be as efficient as possible and fully compliant in this regard.

Employee Incentives for Pacira Pharmaceutical

As part of Abbiss Cadres’ business services for Pacira, we dealt with all payroll arrangements, including salary sacrifice and the provision of local benefits. This included organising the rollout of the company’s stock option, restricted stock, and employee stock purchase plan. As experts in designing and implementing employee incentives around shares, phantom equity, and cash, we were well equipped to set Pacira up with an extensive benefits programme for their employees.

We advised on all related matters to the stock rollout, including tax issues, social security, and financial services regulation. We guided Pacira through pensions law and data protection, ensuring they were compliant every step of the way.

Abbiss Cadres’ unique multi-disciplinary approach has enabled my team to ensure that we hit the ground running in the UK - our first international location. They proved extremely valuable in removing obstacles to delivering an effective set-up for both our UK colleagues and those of our US colleagues who have spearheaded that initiative on assignment. They help us ask the questions we need to ask and to deliver appropriate, practical solutions across the HR piece, whether that requires legal, tax, consulting or operational input. Our good experiences have led us to expand our relationship and retain them to deliver the same approach and its benefits, working with their international colleagues, as we move to enter new markets in Europe and Canada. I am very happy to recommend them.
Rich Kahr, Vice President, Human Resources Pacira Pharmaceuticals
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