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HMRC publishes Employment-Related Shares & Securities Bulletin

HMRC has published their first Employment-related Shares & Securities Bulletin which contains details and updates with regard to employment-related securities and tax-advantaged employee share schemes.

The purpose of the Bulletin is for HMRC to communicate updates or items of interest in this area that they wish to bring to your attention promptly. HMRC are welcoming suggestions for future articles although they will not guarantee that they will publish articles on these topics.

The May 2012 issue contains articles on the following:

  • Notification requirements of trustees of a Share Incentive Plan (‘SIP’)
  • Cessation of “association” of companies on a demerger (SIP)
  • Meaning of “the same provision” in pre-emption conditions (SIP)
  • Changes to share schemes approvals process
  • Budget 2012 and consultations
  • Share Schemes Statistics – User Survey

A link to HMRC’s Bulletin is set out in the Resources section below.


HMRC Employment-Related Shares & Securities Bulletin

For further information or to discuss the issues raised, please contact Guy Abbiss or Stephen Wright on +44 (0)20 3051 5711.