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Abbiss Cadres speaking at Improving Your Business Through Employee Share Plans Conference

February 2011

Abbiss Cadres will speak at this one day conference hosted by The Employee Share Ownership Centre & Birmingham Chamber of Commerce on 10 March 2011.  The session is design to give an in depth look at the employee share schemes options for SMEs.

Guy Abbiss will look at optimising share incentive schemes while the Employee Share Ownership Centreā€˜s experts will explain the choices available for SMEs, implementation processes and results of having an employee share plan in their business with in depth case studies.  Other speakers include leading experts in the field of employee share schemes from a number of leading private sector and public organization.

The event is aimed at those considering employee share schemes with topics tailored towards SMEs but are also suitable for those in advisory roles who are coming to employee share schemes for the first time.

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