Proposals for the protection of personal data finally published by the European Commission (the “Commission”)

18 January 2012 |

Key objectives which will provide the framework for the EU’s revised protection of personal data legislation.

The key objectives are those of: strengthening individuals’ rights;
protecting sensitive data; making remedies and sanctions more effective;
enhancing the single market dimension; ensuring high levels of
protection of data transferred outside the EU and, more effective
enforcement of the rules.

The flow of information, in the employment and international data
transfers contexts are covered and also included is what should happen
when data is transferred internationally, that is outside the EEA.

The proposals are currently only at a very high level and do not
provide specifics, however, it is intended that draft legislation will
be published in 2011 which will provide details on how the proposals
will be put into effect.


While it is difficult to comment without seeing the detail, the
Commission’s proposals do seem to address the key broader issues.  The
proposal to simplify and harmonise rules across Europe will be eagerly
anticipated as will clarification of the conditions for obtaining an
individuals’ consent.


European Commission proposal – A comprehensive approach on personal data protection in the European Union

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