Government maternity and new additional paternity leave rights guide

17 January 2012 |

Male employees with parental responsibility for babies that are due
to be born or placed for adoption on or after 3 April 2011 will have the
right to take part of their partner’s maternity leave as “additional
paternity leave”, subject to certain conditions.

The Department of Business Innovation and Skills has published two
brief pamphlets explaining the rights and obligations of employers and
employees during pregnancy and maternity leave.  Although by no means a
full statement of the law, these are a useful summary. Employers may
find it helpful to provide pregnant employees with a copy of the
employee version as a supplement to any company maternity and paternity


Employers who have not already reviewed and updated their policies
and procedures to reflect the new right to Additional Paternity Leave
should do so now.

Pregnancy and Work – What you need to know as an employer, click here.

Pregnancy and Work – What you need to know as an employee, click here.

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