Abbiss Cadres Newsletter - Additional Employment Articles

Proposed changes to collective redundancy rules

The responses to the government's second consultation on the current 'collective redundancy' laws are now being considered and the resultant changes are likely to be far-reaching.... read more

TUPE, property transactions and a change of client

The service provision rules under Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (TUPE) do not apply when there is a change in the client who receives the new contractor's services.... read more

Do independent contractors have worker status?

The Court of Appeal held that a doctor who provided services to customers of a clinic was a 'worker' and accordingly could bring claims for unlawful deductions from wages and for unpaid holiday pay.... read more

Unfair selection for redundancy

The Employment Appeal Tribunal ("EAT") held that subjective redundancy criteria may be appropriate in certain cases, provided that they can be assessed in a dispassionate or objective way.... read more

Employees who are sick during their holidays can take that holiday entitlement at a later date

The European Court of Justice ("ECJ")has confirmed that an employee who falls ill during a period of annual leave is entitled to take the affected days as paid annual leave at a later date.... read more

Employee who filed her claim for breach of contract 3 months too late is allowed to proceed with her claim

The EAT has decided that an employee who was wrongly advised by her employer about the timeframe for bringing a claim could proceed with that claim despite filing it three months after the Employment Tribunal's deadline had expired.... read more

Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill

The Government has tabled a Bill which is designed to implement a number of employment reforms on which it has been consulting since elected to office.... read more

The connection between clawing-back bonuses and a recent decision regarding Baby P's social workers

It is not often that the world of bankers and clerical workers collide.... read more

The price of justice - the new fee regime in the Employment Tribunal

The Employment Tribunal has announced the new fee regime which should come into force in the Summer of 2013.... read more