Abbiss Cadres news

Abbiss Cadres becomes an LLP

October 2008

Abbiss Cadres announced it is now incorporated as an LLP with effect from 1 October 2008.  The LLP is the successor practice of the existing firm, previously a limited liability company.  Abbiss Cadres LLP incorporates the niche employment practice of new partner Colina Greenway.

Partner and founder of Abbiss Cadres, Guy Abbiss commented "In just five months since the successful launch of Abbiss Cadres our performance has exceeded all reasonable expectations.  Clients like our dedicated, multi-disciplinary approach to their people related issues.  The new LLP status positions us for more rapid expansion as we prepare for the de-regulation of the legal profession over the next few years - something we are keenly focussed on and which offers us great opportunities to further develop our practice model."