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A new law firm and a message!

June 2008

Welcome to Abbiss Cadres.  Perhaps to some, the birth of a new legal practice is no reason to celebrate. It is a predictable but understandable reaction.  It is one we would probably agree with if that practice was carrying the same DNA as so many of the other look-alike law firms, large and small, which already exist out there.

We have been built differently. Our aim is to excel at offering a range of legal services to help organisations manage their people related issues, whether in the UK or internationally.   The message I took from leading practices in large (and very large) law firms over the last 10 years was that the best way to achieve this goal was to create a multi-disciplinary legal practice dedicated to that single purpose – hence Abbiss Cadres,a practice model which we believe is unique in the UK.

Law firms have to try harder to listen to the way that clients want to access services and they way that they are charged for them.  Technical excellence and a commercial approach is no longer enough.  Clients expect that, as they expect any decent lawyer to make the effort to understand their business.  So, as well as seeking to excel in these areas we offer a promise to listen to what else our clients want from us and a commitment to try to deliver it.

To start with, we offer a refreshing approach to fees and, very soon, Online Services which will give you access to your legal documents, billing information, know how, useful links and more.  It is only the beginning, so please tell us what more you want to see.  It genuinely is what we are here for.
Guy Abbiss
Founder and Director

Abbiss Cadres