Abbiss Cadres Helps Glassdoor Expand into Europe

Abbiss Cadres worked with the US tech company Glassdoor for their expansion into Europe, which involved setting up their first UK base and helping them to complete all the required steps to do this. With our extensive knowledge and experience in human resources, employment law, employment tax, and global mobility, we ensured that Glassdoor’s expansion was efficient, simple, and compliant.

20 August 2008
Business and consumer services

First Steps to Europe Expansion

During the first phase of the expansion, we advised on the steps that would need to be taken to establish Glassdoor in the UK, working with the tech company to take into account all of the activities that they had planned and all associated corporate tax issues.

We helped Glassdoor to incorporate their first international subsidiary, guiding and advising them through the process. Then, we completed all the required registrations for their payroll, tax, and company filings, all whilst continuing to provide registered office services.

Business Immigration

A number of Glassdoor team members were moving over to the UK from the USA, bringing their experience and knowledge to help keep the business growing. Abbiss Cadres worked with Glassdoor to sort all the associated employment and business immigration issues that came with this. These included advising Glassdoor on appropriate expatriate pay and employee incentives. We’ve been recognised as the leading experts in designing and implementing cash-based incentives for employees, so we used our extensive knowledge to assist Glassdoor with these benefit policies.

We also aided Glassdoor with finding their employee’s appropriate new homes in the UK, sorting the logistics of moving their employee’s belongings over, and also finding new cars for those that needed them.

As the UK immigration system now required organisations to “sponsor” non-EEA employees, we also obtained all the required sponsorship licences and visas for employees. We’re proud to have a 100% success rate for sponsorship licence applications and continued this unblemished record with Glassdoor’s application.

We advised on correct expatriate tax and social security compliance and all the required documentation for employment. Glassdoor also rolled out a stock option programme and we advised on correct methods and compliance for this.

By working with Abbiss Cadres, we gained access to a multi-disciplinary team who have proven they're highly engaged and ready to lend a hand with sensible, practical, cost-effective advice. Together, we were able to develop and deliver a thoughtful people strategy that helped us to effectively establish our business in the UK.
Brad Serwin, General Counsel Glassdoor Inc.
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