Delivering information in the right way is crucial to its impact. With the proliferation of digital and social media, as well as the changes to working patterns and increasing mobility, people are accustomed to accessing information when they want it, where they want it.

With expertise in all areas of delivery, including brand and design, we can develop the materials and channels that will have the most impact on your people, while ensuring that they are aligned to your corporate brand and values. Our communications services include:

Digital communications – we can support you in all areas of digital communications, ensuring the communications work with your existing platforms, or we can design and build you new platforms for the task. Our services including writing, designing and building content for digital platforms (including just email), as well as building the platforms themselves, whether apps, websites or interactive databases.

Social media – we can help you in setting up social media channels that facilitate sharing, discussion and engagement, while allowing individuals to take part at any time, wherever they are. A valuable source of intelligence.

Digital film - seeing and hearing the people delivering the message that you want to communicate creates trust and demonstrates your commitment. Film can bring your message to your people across multiple platforms at a time that suits them. We have expertise in the conception, script writing, production and finishing of digital film communications using experienced crews both in the UK and internationally.

Print - versatile and portable, printed communications remain a key communication vehicle in many organisations. We can help in all areas of design and production, from booklets, to presentations to posters.

Training - with experience in training and coaching, we can also work with your key influencers to ensure that messages are understood and communication skills are developed. Whether working with groups of managers to build understanding of an HR programme, or one-to-one with key leaders to build their communication skills, we help ensure that communication is driven effectively at every level of your organisation.

Communications Services