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Employment Law - Collective consultation

In the last couple of years courts and tribunals have adopted a more stringent view of the employer's obligations on collective consultation, in particular in relation to collective redundancy.  The level of awards for non-compliance is also on the increase and when large numbers of employees are involved, errors in procedure can be costly.

Abbiss Cadres offers practical advice on managing collective consultation processes in the event of a TUPE transfer as well as redundancy (or where the two processes apply simultaneously), including organising elections for employee representatives, dealing with recognised trade unions and employee works councils, managing the consultation process and maintaining direct communication channels with the workforce throughout.

Where there is a cross-border element to the consultation, we have well-established relationships with local employment law experts around the world through our correspondent firms and experience in integrating local advice to produce a single coherent consultation plan.

For employers seeking to establish works councils or employee forums for discussion, we can assist with establishing appropriate terms of reference, determining the appropriate number of employee representatives and drafting constitutional documents.

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