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Admin - HMRC launches new online service for taxpayers

May 2012

From mid-April 2012, anyone who has registered and enrolled for HMRC’s Online Services can view their business tax status online including corporation tax, self assessment, VAT and/or PAYE details.

The business tax dashboard (“BTB”) service is available as an option when logging on to an HMRC online service that contains a corporation tax or self assessment record. Access to the BTB allows the user to view a summary of their tax status on a single screen and by navigating through the links provided, they are also able to view detailed account information including details of payments and repayments. There is also a facility available for the user to review and amend some of their contact details held by HMRC.

Where a single User ID and Password are used to access PAYE and VAT, Corporation Tax or Self Assessment records, information can be viewed on all 3 areas. However if separate User IDs and Passwords are used to access these records, the user will not be able to see these services on a BTB, although account information relating to each can be viewed from the ‘At a glance’ page. A user can combine their services by using a single login which involves de-enrolling from a service and then adding the service to the new single login. In this case, an activation code will be sent to the user within 7 days and this will be required in order to fully use the service.

This service is not currently available for agents acting on behalf of taxpayers although various professional bodies have been pushing HMRC to incorporate full functionality for agents. According to HMRC’s online terms and conditions, the lending of a client’s login credentials to an agent is not permitted. For further guidance on HMRC’s online terms and conditions, please see the link below under the Resources section.


HMRC Terms and conditions

For further information or to discuss the issues raised, please contact Guy Abbiss or John Mooney on +44 (0)20 3051 5711.